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get out of -- anthony howell. look at that. >> sorry, no online show tonight. thanks for inviting me into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this is "the fox report." tonight, lotto fever. lots of people dreaming of what to do with a cool half billion dollars tonight and that jackpot could grow even larger. plus, what's going on behind the scenes to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> everybody agrees. >> going over the fiscal cliff will hurt our economy and will hurt job creation in our country. >>er -- every family in america will see their taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next year. >> shepard: so how to avoid that. >> the president and congress will either fail together or
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we will succeed together. >> there has to be a deal. there has to be an agreement. >> and if they can't come up with a compromise, we are all going to pay the price. plus, they are some of the biggest names in baseball. bonds, clemens, sosa. all three tainted by accusations they used performance enhancing drugs. but should that keep them from cooper's town? tonight, the great debate over baseball's hall of fame ballot but first from fox this wednesday night, the president hopes who have the framework of a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff by christmas. president obama says he would like congress to pass a bill even sooner to extend tax cuts for the middle class families. and he invited some of those middle class americans to the white house today to help make his case. >> i have got a pen. [ laughter ] i'm ready to sign it. [ applause ]
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so, my point here today is is to say let's approach this problem with the middle class in mind. the folks who are behind me and the millions of people all across the country who they represent. >> shepard: well, republicans are saying they need some spending cuts. that they will also have to be part of the deal. and they are accusing the president of campaigning instead of negotiating. >> i mean, every week he spends campaigning for his ideas is a week that we are not solving the problem. it's completely counter productive. the election is over. he won. congratulations. and we have got a hard deadline here, however, and it's still he he is still out on the campaign trail, kind of celebrating. >> shepard: if the president and congress cannot cut a deal by new year's day. automatic spending cuts kick in along with the expiration of tax cuts for just about everybody else. we have team fox coverage tonight. mike emanuel on capitol hill. first, let's get to ed henry
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at the white house tonight. it sounds like the president is making a shift in his strategy. >> that's right, shep. today the president suggested that rather than doing this all as one big grand bargain as we have heard before where you deal with spending and taxes, all at the same time. he suggested that he wants to see taxes go up for the rich. middle class tax cuts get extended for the middle class and then we will back and deal with spending cuts next year. >> and it would give us more time than next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits it, to streamline our tax system. to do it in a balanced way. including asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. >> the problem with that strategy is that republic leaders are insisting that they don't want to take a framework for spending cuts down the road in exchange for tax changes now. they want it all done at the same time so that they can be sure that if taxes are going up on the rich, that in fact some of those spending cuts to
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bring down the debt will actually materialize. it might make it more likely to go of 00 cliff even though the president insisted today he thinks there will be a deal within weeks, shep. >> shepard: as for extending tax cuts for middle class americans it sounds like there is some agreement on that matter. >> it sounds like some republicans rank and file republicans are starting to turn away a little bit from speaker john boehner. tom coal rank and file member. is he part of the leadership but from oklahoma and basically said today extend them for the large majority for the middle class and come back and fight it out in january instead of going off the cliff. take a listen. >> everybody's taxes are scheduled to go up. and unless we fix that, paradoxically president obama becomes the defender of the bush tax cut for 98% of the people and he is he no such thing. >> bottom line is both sides are still laying out the same ideas they have been doing for weeks now. today irskin bowls one of the
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key budget experts says he believes there is a two thirds chance that he wool go off the fiscal cliff. that's not too optimistic tonight, shep. >> shepard: not at all. ed henry live on the north lawn. the president is sending one of his top negotiators to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with congressional leaders from both parties. mike emanuel is live for that part. is he live on the hill tonight. what's the latest on the talks. >> there is always hope for tomorrow that's when treasury secretary tim geithner come up here to capitol hill to have individual meetings with the top four lawmakers. one of them nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader who was asked earlier today about spending cuts. >> i think it's important to note that we have already agreed to over a trillion and a half dollars in cuts in both the budget control act and other acts in this session of congress. and so now we're looking to see what the revenue piece will be to that. >> that means she wants to talk more tax revenue now,
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spending cuts later. , >> shepard: shep what are republicans saying. >> they accepted these meetings with the tim geithner with hopes come up with real ideas for concrete spending cuts. earlier today house speaker john boehner struck a more cooperative tone. >> republicans are committed to continuing to work with the president to come to an agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. it's one of the reasons why we believe that we put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied by serious spending cuts. to avert this crisis. >> now, to be fair, speaker boehner did not want to lay out a bunch of spending cuts on camera, at least. he says he will save those discussions, those negotiations for his talks with the president. shep. >> shepard: those are always behind closed doors, those spending cut talks. mike emanuel at the rotunda at the russell building. thanks. if you win tonight's power
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ball jackpot you can stop worrying about anything washington does go. out and buy your own country and make your own laws. tonight's jackpot is now $550 million. that's a record for power ball and the second highest lottery jackpot ever in our country. lottery officials say tickets are selling at a rate of, get this: 130,000 tickets per minute. and a lot of people say they already know what they are going to do if they win. >> i would go away and hide for a little bit. >> some of it it is going to go to charity. and then it's going to help me be successful. >> of course i'm not going to work tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> plane ticket to vegas and then anything that happens in vegas -- >> build a nice doomsday bunker, who knows. [ laughter ] >> donate a bunch of it. i don't really need that kind of money, i guess. >> he may be the only one. >> shepard: if you have ever spent time here in new york, you probably heard the voice of lavonda. >> good evening, everyone from the new york lottery i'm
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lovonda. >> yes, i am yolanda. >> legend. she has advice for anybody looking to make it big. >> as soon as you get your ticket, when you buy your ticket. first make sure it's the power ball ticket that you asked for. make sure they didn't slip you another ticket. immediately turn it over and kee regardless if i won. some prizes beside the jackpot. prize for getting the five numbers and not the power ball is a million dollars. >> not a bad prize for yolanda vega or rick leventhal who is on long beach. 5 million or 550 million or whatever would come in handy for a lot of folks there. >> absolutely. this is a glimmer of hope for people here who have been through a re rough few weeks. they are coming out in droves, shepard to buy these particulars. they don't mind these long odds of 175 million to 1. in fact, they are twice as
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likely to be hit by lightning twice in their lifetime as win this big prize with a lump sum payout of more than $360 million. there is a lot of good that could be done with that money. >> i would help my church. my family, and my friends. >> i will buy them everything they need. my church got it really bad. >> it seems like when they get the big jackpots somebody in nebraska, wyoming or alaska wins it. >> it would seem right if somebody won had here, right. >> i believe so. i believe somebody in long beach should hit this thing. >> 75% chance that someone will win tonight and pretty good chance that there will be multiple winners splitting the more than $200 million after taxes, shep. >> shepard: rick, not a bad chance between now and the drawing at 11:00 eastern the numbers going up. >> right. because of that stat that you mentioned. more than 130,000 tickets being sold every single minute nationwide. that's six times more than were sold at this time last week.
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and this works like a 50/50 pool. half the money goes to the state selling the tickets. the other half goes back into the prize pool. the more people who play the bigger the prize gets the bigger the jackpot is the the big more people play. it feeds on itself. you can buy these in d.c. and the virgin islands and all. -- residents are driving to arizona for a shot at this giant jackpot. and one more stat for you, shepard, you are 15 times more likely to have identical quadruplets. if you had the quadruplets you would probably need the money. >> you definitely would. rick leventhal. thanks a lot. another republic senator is now expressing concern over the u.n. ambassador's susan rice's initial comments about the libya consulate attack. but the white house is rushing to her defense. what it means for any effort to get her confirmed potentially at as the next secretary of state. that's next. plus, egypt's president sparked enormous protests when he gave himself broad new powers.
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basically made himself a dictator. and in a matter of hours, he is set to address his people for the first time since. but will he back down or make things worse for his country and probably ours, too? it's all ahead for the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. it's great to have you in. a cus. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. johan comes in a porcelain vessel, crafted with care by a talented blonde from sweden. ♪ smooth, rich, never bitter, gevalia.
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>> president obama again today defended his u.n. ambassador and setting up a showdown. it comes after another republic senator said she cannot and will not support susan rice for secretary of state. at least for now. because of her comments about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. she is senator susan collins of maine. the top republic on the homeland security committee. she met with ambassador rice today on capitol hill. i would need to have additional information before i could support her nomination. she has not been posted yet. our homeland security committee investigation is
4:15 pm
ongoing. there are many different players in this. and there is much yet to be learned. >> shepard: well, the attack on that outpost killed the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans. happened on 9/11 of this year. five days later ambassador rice went on the sunday talk shows and said u.s. officials believed violence was spontaneous reaction to the protest over anti-muslim video not a preplanned terror attack. ambassador rice now says and the evidence suggests she was using talking points from u.s. intelligence agencies. intelligence officials confirm they did, in fact, give her those talking points. she had nothing to do with them. and they are the ones who removed any mention of al qaeda, not the white house. the president defended ambassador rice at his cabinet meeting today. listen. >> susan rice is extraordinary. couldn't be prouder of the job she has done. [ applause ] >> shepard: while the president has not nominated anybody to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. she has said she will not stay on for the second term. but the president has called
4:16 pm
criticism of ambassador rice outrageous and told her critics to go after him instead. that may be what is happening. catherine herridge in the d.c. newsroom tonight. catherine. >> thank you, shepard. rice has met with six senators, five republicans and one independent so far. she has apparently failed to reassure them that she is a responsible choice for secretary of state and not as one critic said drinking every drop of the administration's kool-aid. >> the president is going to have to make the decision about who he nominates to be secretary of state. hopefully it will be someone that is able to both show independence but have the ability to lead this nation and lead the world through many of its difficulties that we have before us. >> senator collins also says she is bothered by the fact that the benghazi attack is a carbon copy of these 1998 attacks on the u.s. embassies in east africa. at that time susan rice was head of the region for the state department and once again ambassadors had begged for more security. >> i asked ambassador rice
4:17 pm
what her role was. she said that she would have to refresh her memory, but that she was not involved directly in turning down the request. but surely -- >> asked meeting of the six senators seemed presumous given no nomination has been made democrats said they fully supported ambassador rice's proactive approach. >> i respect that in her. however, the president decides in terms of the nomination, i hope that he will nominate her because i think she has been extraordinary at the u.n. and would make a great secretary of state. >> if rice is nominated, she will need support from 60 senators to overcome procedural hurdles to be confirmed. so rice would need to at least sway five republicans. shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. the national past time face what is could be its toughest decision in decades as barry bonds and other big names take the steroid debate all the way to the baseball hall of fame.
4:18 pm
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>> shepard: baseball writers of america set toe decide a question asked for decades. do players suspected of using performance enhancing drugs deserve to be in the hall of fame? earlier today, three players widely suspected of using steroids made it under -- on to the ballot for the first time. barry bonds, pitching great
4:22 pm
roger clemens and sammy sosa. based on numbers alone each should be a lock for coopers town. but allegations of drug use have seriously damaged their chances. and now the folks who will be voting are faced with what could be their most controversial decision since the hall of fame banished the legendary pete rose. trace gallagher has. this trace, are the baseball writers indicating how they might vote here? >> well, the one i spoke with today, shep, rosenthal from fox sports. he was very adamant about saying that he will not vote for roger clemens, barry bonds, or sammy sosa. but he even took it a step further saying from here on out, that he won't vote on the first ballot for anyone -- he thinks because steroids were so prevalent in the 80s, the 90's, 2000s that they deserve to be in cooperstown. listen. >> you are supposed to consider character integrity, sportsmanship and you can take a subjective view and look at
4:23 pm
that any way you want to. the hall of fame is not a privilege. it is something that is an honor. and it's something that people vote for. and it's not something that players are just entitled to. >> one of those players barry bonds issued a statement saying that sports writers should move on and turn -- shep. >> critics are ausing sports writers of being the moral police on, this trace. >> you know, and admitted i had some of the writers are saying that they're voting their suspicions: the "new york times" said in 2003 he failed a drug test but that drug test was never made public and sosa maintains to this day that he never used. [cutting audio] >> bonds admitted using steroids but says he was mislead by a trainer who actually told him he was using arthritis medication. denies that he ever used performance enhancing drugs. clemens was recently found not
4:24 pm
guilty by a jury. that's why some say they should go by the numbers. listen. >> what does the hall of fame mean? are you going to keep players out who have won seven mvp awards. seven cy young awards. the all-time home run leader. why not put them in and frame it that this was the era that they played in. >> by the way, the writers have until the end of december to cast their ballots, shep. >> shepard: clearly audio problems out of there. nothing like the problems the nhl is having. hockey is on hold. the players are apparently still keeping busy though. cops say a detroit red wings prospect was, quote: super drunk behind the wheel had somebody else's i.d. and to make matters perfect was wearing a purple tele tubbies costume when he got arrested in grand rapids, michigan. happened last month. they pulled over reilly shahan because he was driving wrong way down a one-way street. then they say he forked over the driver's license of
4:25 pm
another red wings player. shahan is but 20 years old. the drinking age in america is 21. shahan then reportedly blue a, blew a .30. it is super drunk. so far no explanation for the teletubies costume. six months in jail and possible deportation. because like so many other hockey players and, well, teletubies is he canadian. showdown coming on capitol hill. senate democrats are talking about making an enormous change to the rules. to really take the rules back to the way they used to be before everything got weird. we will look at what this rule change would mean and why republicans are calling it the nuclear option. plus one lawmaker says it is like taking the keys away from a dangerous driver. bp now paying a brand new price for messing up our gulf of mexico. and killing people.
4:26 pm
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family roomer senator and presidential candidate bob dole is out of the hospital tonight. the senator checketd himself into walter reid yesterday for what she called a routine procedure.
4:30 pm
no word on that what that was. he is 89 now. he won the republic nomination in '96 but lost to president clinton. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and you know that one friend who just won't let you get a word in edge wise, the u.s. senate has a friend like that. his name is filibuster. it's really a technique that lawmakers use to hold the legislation that they don't like. a senator or group of senators refuses to get off the floor and that group can kill the bill that way. now, the senate majority leader harry reid is threatening to push for a change to the filibuster rules that would give minority members less power. but the minority leader mitch mcconnell says that would be the equivalent of blowing up the senate. doug mckelway with the news live on capitol hill for us tonight. doug, they call it the nuclear option. >> yeah, they call it the nuclear option because the
4:31 pm
party that exercises the nuclear option, that pulls the trigger on the nuclear option can suffer ultimately the fallout from that nuclear chain reaction if they ultimately become the minority party at some point in the future. minority leader mitch mcconnell put it this way during a floor speech on the senate today. >> are you prepared to live under the rules you are now demanding? >> the nuclear option would allow the majority to end filibuster or defeat amendment bias a simple majority vote. not the 60 votes or the 3/5ths majority vote that the senate rules have required and put into place for better than 30 years now. threshold that the historians say honor the founder's intent to limit the tyranny of the majority. >> the nuclear option is a power grab by senate majority leader harry reid. >> but both parties are actually guilty of threatening the nuclear option. the republicans did it back in 2005 when they were in the majority. at that time mitch mcconnell was singing a very very
4:32 pm
different tune. actually advocating the nuclear option while the democrats who are now are advocating it were saying it was a gross abuse of power. and there is no guarantee that the nuclear option would actually work. under majority leader harry reid's tenure the senate has failed to pass a budget over the past three and a half years even though passing a budget only requires a simple majority. vote. shep, back to you. >> shepard: doug mckelway on capitol hill tonight. thanks. integrity counts in the business world and the feds say a lack of integrity just got bp suspended from new government contracts. that's the word now after the company agreed to plead guilty to charges involving its response to the catastrophe in the gulf of mexico. just in case you have forgotten, 11 men died when the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank two years ago. that sat off an enormous environmental disaster. today officials with the environmental protection agency barred bp from any new
4:33 pm
government contracts because of what that department called a lack of business integrity. bp executives say they are talking to the agency and working to lift the suspension. two of the company's rig supervisors and one former executive today pleaded not guilty to criminal charges related to the disaster. the supervisors are charged with manslaughter for ignoring high pressure readings before the blowout. one of them told reporters and this is a quote: i think about the tragedy of the deep water horizon every day. flu but did i not cause this tragedy. i am innocent. the trial is scheduled to start next year. egypt's president is set to address his nation later today there on wednesday afternoon. regarding his i should say thursday afternoon regarding his daring power grab. a series of orders which set him up a dictator. live pictures from tahrir square in cairo one site where thousands and thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators protest against the new
4:34 pm
president. reuters news agency president mohammed morsi will try to explain reasons for giving himself nearly absolute power. he and his backer notice muslim brotherhood argued he needed to do it to speed along the transition to a new government. the move has sparked new rallies which have turned violent at times. [chanting] >> shepard: meantime judges on egypt's highest court who lost their power under this decree today went on strike and say they will not return to work until the president gives up the sweeping powers that he somehow granted himself. palestinian leaders predict they are going to score historic win tomorrow when the united nations votes on whether to recognize a palestinian state. analysts expect the vote to pass and by a big majority it would grant palestine only limited understood -- statehood. against the effort it could give palestinians new leverage against israel.
4:35 pm
mahmoud abbas has said he will not negotiate with israel as long as it keeps expanding settlements in the west bank. and the israeli prime minister has refused to freeze that construction. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is at the united nations tonight. january jonathan explain the u.s. here. >> it boils down to the simple argue that officials believe this will hinder rather than help the peace process between the israelis and palestinians, that it will enable and encourage the palestinians to pursue war crimes charges in other international institutions such as the international criminal court against israeli officials over the actions that they have taken recently in past years in gaza. in the words of the secretary of state hillary clinton today, it is simply not helpful. listen. >> path to a two state solution that fulfills the aspirations of the palestinian people is through germ and
4:36 pm
ramallah, not new york. we oppose palestinian efforts to upgrade their status at the u.n. outside of the framework of negotiations. >> secretary of state clinton and other u.s. officials have repeatedly made that argument to that palestinian counterparts. >> the palestinians and much of the rest are of the world makes a different argument. >> yeah, what they argue, the palestinians and what has persuaded a lot of western nations. security council members france, china and russia is the idea that by pursuing this vote they will strengthen the hands of the nod democrat palestinian president mahmoud abbas against the more militant hamas which saw its popularity rise in the wake of that recent conflict in gaza. the palestinian officials for their parts mean they are not looking for a fight here. they are simply trying to
4:37 pm
advance the cause of peace. listen. we are here to reinstate the two state solution and this we will do tomorrow afternoon. >> and that vote will take place around 3:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow afternoon on what the u.n. named several years ago international palestinian solidarity day. shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt at the united nations death comes all too frequently now in syria. today it was twin bombings in the capital city of damascus. people ran after the first explosion and that's when the killers detonated a second bomb. nearly 50 people died. there is no word on who is behind the attack. it is but the latest in the bloody battle between syria's government and its rebels. rebel fighters claim to have shot down two government aircraft within the past 24 hours.
4:38 pm
that helicopter war planes shelling people on the ground. the government shelling its own people. they have access to antiaircraft missiles. that would be a change. the burning wreckage of the military jet as well as its injured pilot apparently unconscious fox news cannot confirm the report. >> 29 people crashes in the indian notion. and tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. the jet liner went down small ireland nation off the southeast coast of africa. you can see the tail sticking out of the water. he noticed a plane leaking fuel like a faucet after takeoff and alerted the crew. the pilot tried to land at nearby airport but had to ditch it in the ocean. he had some head injuries. the rest of the people on board all survived.
4:39 pm
cops battled hundreds of students in santiago. new law favors big fishing companies and raise cost for smaller operators. police fought crowds with water canons and made several arrests. italy. a rare tornado uprooted trees and crushed vehicles as it tore through the region near the coast of tux san any. it hurt nearly two dozen people and damaged several buildings including what is europe's largest steel plant. 13-foot tall 8,000-pound robot that you pilot from the inside. the designer says the movies and toys of his childhood inspired him. it's a 1.3-million-dollar creation it let's you remote volume from iphone and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 8 will
4:40 pm
oseconds. a lot of people hoping to become millionaires with record power ball jackpot. hitting it does not always end well. for instance, this man who won $30 million not long before he turned up dead and beneath a concrete slab. next how officials say this woman tricked him out of all that money and killed him. plus, if you are expecting inheritance from a relative, be nice or the fortune night end up going to the neighbors instead. yeah, there is an explanation for this one and it's coming up.
4:41 pm
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>> shepard: nanny accused of stabbing to death two children in her care today entered a plea of not guilty. she is undergoing treatment for self-inplaintiff'sinflictedb wounds. the nanny murdered a 6-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy last month in their family's apartment here in new
4:44 pm
york city. investigators say she stabbed herself and the children's mother found them all bleeding in the bathroom. a judge has ordered the nanny held without bail while she undergoes psychiatric testing. lawyers accused of scamming a lottery winner out of his money and killing him today claimed a drug dealer actually did it. according to the prosecutors in hillsborough county, florida dd moore befriended jackpot winner abraham shakespeare in 2008. you may remember this one. they claim that she claimed she wanted to write book about people taking advantage of him. they accuse her of then swindling him out of his winnings, shooting him and putting his body beneath a concrete slab in her backyard. but dee dee's lawyers today say a drug dealer killed. shakee people who owed him money tried to frame dee dee so they wouldn't have to pay their debts. phil keating is in south florida tonight.
4:45 pm
so much for absolutely. before he was killed this truly rags to riches lowered winner got to the point where he publicly said where he wish he said he would have never bought that pick quick ticket. the barely literate abraham shakespeare actually didn't barely enjoy any of the 17-million-dollar lump sum payment that he took from the state lottery commission. giving almost all of it away to the endless family and friends who came asking. prosecutors today showed the jury crime scene photos of how he ended up. absolutely pennyless, dumped in dirt with two bullets in his chest. all that is left dekeg body in a grave under a concrete slab behind a house that she bought on highway 60. >> and prosecutors say that moore bought that house with shakespeare's lottery winnings. shep? >> but the evidence against dee dee moore all
4:46 pm
circumstantial, right? >> that is true. it is all circumstantial. however it, it is abundant. for example. police and prosecutors say they have all of the financial records showing dee dee moore got shakespeare to sign over millions of his assets all into her name. she was living in his-million-dollar mansion when he disappeared and this surveillance video shows her buying duct tape, trash bags and sheeting all allegedly for his killing and disposal which she denied long before being locked up in jail. >> i have never hurt that man. he knows i wouldn't. everyone knows i would never hurt that man in any way. >> did you murder abraham shakespeare. >> absolutely not. >> now no longer a blonde and much thinner thanks to the jail house diet. moore's first three murder trials anticipated to take two weeks. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in south florida tonight. if you don't win tonight's power ball jackpot there is still a chance that you can cash in through kindness. ask this woman coming up here
4:47 pm
in australia. 12.5 bucks richer after helping out a neighbor. she died in 2009. she was 8 a then. when her family checked the will they got a nasty for them surprise. among her last wishes she said i am determined that my relatives, after what they have put me through will not get one cent. turns out the woman's family tried to force her into a nursing home rather than help her around the house. that neighbor helped out with all the shopping and chores. now a just just ruled the will is valid and the nice neighbor gets to keep all of those lottery winnings. one time rival set to break bread at the white house. president obama hosting governor mitt romney a little lunch at 1600 tomorrow and that's just one of the reunions the republic presidential nominee has planned. plus the sitcom star who said you shouldn't be watching his filth of a show now suddenly is saying he is sorry. well, there was a lot of money
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: stocks started slower but ended up big today on hopes that lawmakers could reach a deal on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. like i said, it went down in the early going but ended up surging up 107 to almost 13,000. and one analyst put it markets are starting to lean toward some sort of agreement. meanwhile the fed reports that a rise in consumer spending and really steady home sales helped boost economic growth from october through early november in most of the country. the exception being the northeast in the wake of super storm sandy. the fox business network peter barnes with the news from the when you say tonight. what else do not feds see in the economy, peter.
4:52 pm
empleghts overall the feds saw the economy growing at a measured pace in recent weeks but it said that some business context said that they were worried about uncertainty over the battle of the fiscal cliff in washington. that concern might be showing up in the manufacturing sector. the feds said that in some places around the country, manufacturing was slowing down and actually contracting outright. but it said that hiring was up modestly most places and with the holidays coming up. it said that the outlook for retail sales was mostly upbeat. shep? >> shepard: what's with the sirens? is the place on fire? >> no. there is escort going out here from the white house. >> you don't have much clout there. >> the vice president apparently is leaving. >> shepard: he might as well. what will the fed do with today's report? it has a meeting in a couple of weeks, you know. >> this was okay report.
4:53 pm
more importantly it was not strong enough for the fed to back off stimulus programs keeping interest race very low for a long time and into the economy. at its meeting next month it is expected to reaffirm those policies. continue them. shep? >> shepard: peter barnes there at the firehouse. peter, thanks. president obama and governor romney are set to meet for a little lunch at the white house tomorrow. of course, the last time they were face to face was during the debates at the height of the presidential race. things were a little different back then. the white house says president obama is looking forward to having a, quote useful discussion with his former foe. governor romney also scheduled to meet with campaign running mate congressman paul ryan. the famous red kettles of the salvation army could be hard to find this holiday season in one colorado city. a new panhandling law set to take effect next month that will ban those bell ringers and donation pots in part of downtown colorado springs.
4:54 pm
the city's mayor says the law aims to increase safety by keeping solicitors off any kind of streets. the ban is just way too broad. one hotel owner in that area tells fox news a salvation army bell ringer will be able to keep up a kettle inside the hotel courtyard because that is private property. the teenage actor who apparently had a religious revelation and called his own tv show a bunch of filth says he didn't mean to discredit his colleagues. an gas t. jones plays that kid on two and a half men. has for the past 10 years now. and makes about $350,000 per show. but in the video for some christian organization he told people don't watch it. he said he didn't want to tribute to the quote enemies plan. he is not exactly taking it all back but he does now say "i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing a lack of appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity of which i have been blessed.
4:55 pm
he didn't say though that it's not filth. if have you ever been to new york city you know interesting things happen on our street like a see bra and a pony galloping through traffic. yep, next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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[ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. >> shepard: so a see bra and set land pony ran through the streets of staten island today. a cell phone caught through the parking lot and into traffic. sadly his phone was up and down instead of sideways. when he shot this two people ran chasing the animals with lassos. the zebra and pony back from a petting zoo which they had apparently escaped. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five the first lady giving military families a first look at the white house christmas decoration rations. number four two suing a rarld and truck company after a deadly train crash float carrying vets in texas. monday is the first time in memory that the city has gone
4:59 pm
a whole day without violent crime at all. pawrnl jackpot more than half a billion dollars. we asked new york lotto's legendary ball picker yolanda vega for advice. >> i tell them to play quick pick. put $2 down on a quick pick because had a lot of winners on quick pick. >> shepard: yeah there are. president obama is set to host mitt romney for lunch tomorrow and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in the year 1979, a sightseeing scene crashed into the side of a volcano in antarctic can a and killed everybody on board. the new zealand d.c. 10 was killing 57 people including 22 americans. the crew had felony flown that particular route. the crash report cited pilot area. investigation claimed whiteout conditions and airline flight planners. teams worked 15 to 20 hour days on that mountain recovering remains. disaster struck the

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